Digital marketing: an essential part of your export strategy!

Be seen and recognized by your customers and prospects with dynamic digital marketing

Digital marketing has become a vital part of international business development. Think of your own behavior when you need to find information on a given subject. Where do you turn to when looking for an address or a supplier? How do you find out what your competitors are doing? Chances are you’ll head to your computer, tablet or cell phone to search the Web.

Thus, a future customer’s first contact with your company is very often made online. Your website and social networks provide a showcase for your business 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.?It is therefore important that your site reflects your value proposition.

Also, it must meet your visitors’ information needs and offer relevant and interesting content. And, if you want your site to appear at the top of the list in search engines, it must be well referenced. This way, your company will be found quickly.

Define your digital marketing strategy and reach your targets on the web!

Having a digital marketing strategy enables you to identify what you want to focus on when designing or redesigning a website. The same goes for your social networks. The goal is to position yourself as a key player in your industry, support your sales, reach your customers and prospect. A digital marketing strategy is useful for:

  • Knowing your digital communication strengths and weaknesses
  • Making the necessary corrections to the current website or redesign it
  • Aligning more efficiently with the company’s business objectives in an international development context
  • Identifying the content to be posted on social media and planning its publication
  • Structuring your team’s digital efforts
  • Managing your budget better and avoiding cost overruns?

Find out how CQI can help you with your digital marketing

CQI can help you review your website from an international business development perspective. By thinking of your Web strategy and identifying the key messages and elements you need to include, you will have the appropriate tools to meet with your Web agency and update your site in line with your business development objectives. As for social media, our experts can guide you in the animation of your profiles, help you build your network of contacts and assist you in developing the content to publish.

Step 1
Analyzing your website and social media presence

Our experts will start by meeting with you to understand your company and its business objectives. We will then analyze your website in relation to your market and assess your social media presence. We will then identify your personas and determine how they can be reached. We will also gather competitive intelligence information on your competitors’ digital marketing efforts.?

Step 2
Presenting a strategic plan for your website and social media

Based on what they identified in step one, our experts will explore different ways to upgrade your website. What should you post on your pages? How could your natural or organic SEO be improved? How to create a better customer experience on your site? What could be the site’s tree structure and visual presentation? These are all questions our experts will address. They will also determine what actions should be taken to optimize your presence on social networks and drive traffic to your website.

Step 3
Drafting a specification sheet for your web firm

To assist your Web firm in meeting your business needs and objectives, we will provide you with a set of specifications including the various elements that should be found on your site. This document describes the proposed tree structure, the content of each page and the tracking tools to install for collecting the data required to analyze your site’s performance.

Step 4
Providing personalized social media animation coaching

As mentioned, the use of social media is important for positioning your company. CQI offers to meet with your team and provide personalized coaching for the effective use of social media in an international business development context. CQI can help you understand the various platforms and their parameters, as well as identify best practices and current digital marketing trends, develop a distribution schedule, and select the information to be published.

Expand your international business thanks to powerful digital marketing!

In closing, remember that digital marketing is an essential part of your international marketing strategy. It helps you get known by your customers and partners around the world while strengthening your current business relationships and your brand image. CQI can assist you in structuring your digital marketing. Don’t hesitate to call on our experts at any step of your export process and find out more about our Horizon 360TM Export Coaching Program.

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