Have a realistic and proactive approach to your expansion project thanks to the experts at cqi!

Expand your markets with a well-defined expansion project

our product has already won over the hearts of Quebecers, and you want to introduce it outside the province, or even the world? The CQI team will help you identify the most promising market and develop your expansion project outside Quebec.

The first thing to do is to structure your project thoroughly. CQI’s experts will guide you through the process of thinking about your business model and your offer.

We will also determine what sets you apart from your competitors in the target market. We will then work out your export strategy.

Structuring your international expansion project

Having a well-defined business plan will make it easier for you to reach your export objectives and avoid pitfalls. With CQI, you will benefit from the knowledge of a team of experts specializing in strategic planning, commercialization, international marketing, transportation logistics and customs compliance. Calling on CQI’s experts will give you the opportunity to work with qualified and experienced people who know the realities and challenges of export businesses. With the right people, you will save time, energy and money, and above all, you will greatly improve your chances of success!

Carrying out your expansion project the right way

Structuring your international expansion project involves several equally important steps. CQI will be with you each step of the way to make your project a success!

Step 1
Building your expansion project together

Although each expansion project is unique, one reality remains the same: entrepreneurs embarking on an export venture must put all their planning efforts into it to succeed. At this important stage of the process, CQI will assist you in thinking about your export objectives, laying the groundwork for your project and informing you of the steps to take.

Step 2
Collecting and analyzing strategic data

Once we’ve laid the groundwork for your expansion project, we will analyze your company’s international capacity, along with its organizational, operational and financial strengths and challenges. We will also do some research to identify the best potential markets for your products and services. Then, we will analyze your industry and document consumer habits in the selected markets. We will also look at your company’s positioning in relation to competitors, assess the risks and barriers to entry and identify the various regulations and market requirements.

Step 3
Developing your marketing plan

After completing the market analysis, we will develop your international marketing plan. What will be your sales and business development strategy? Your marketing strategy? Your Web strategy? What customs documents will you need to fill out? These are all questions our experts will address with innovative ideas and a well-thought-out strategy.

Step 4
Setting up an action plan and an implementation schedule

Once the strategy is defined, we will design your in-house action plan for the project’s implementation, complete with timelines and follow-up tools. This action plan will list all the steps to be taken and the actions to be prioritized. Then you will be prepared to assign internal resources to oversee the expansion project. CQI will be there to assist you every step of the way.

Step 5
Implementing the export strategy in your business

Once you have your marketing plan and timeline in hand, you will be well equipped to implement your expansion project. Given the shortage of professionals currently experienced by companies, CQI can help you launch your project. In fact, CQI’s experts may become members of your team for a limited time. We can take care of the follow-up and the execution of the project in collaboration with the members of your team and train them so they can take over once the project is up and running.

CQI helps you achieve your foreign expansion project

Doing business with our export experts will greatly increase your chances of succeeding. Together, we will determine the many important issues that must be addressed for the successful completion of your expansion project. We know how considerable your involvement in the company is and we are fully aware of the time and energy such a project requires. Therefore, CQI lends a hand and offers you its assistance through out Horizon 360TM Export Coaching Program. With your success at heart, we will assist you in realizing your dream of exporting your products abroad.

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