Industrial tours: learning from best business practices and technological innovations

Take part in our industrial tours and learn more about technological innovations

In partnership with Investissement Québec, CQI organizes industrial tours of companies that stand out for their innovative nature.

Being inspired by the best allows us to improve our practices and ways of doing things. The industrial tours are done in companies that stand out for their:

  • Robotization
  • The implementation of 4.0
  • Human resources management
  • Process improvement
  • Supply chain efficiency
  • International sales strategy, etc.

Through its industrial tours, CQI gives you the opportunity to discover these innovative companies and talk with their managers.

Even if your business sector is not the same as that of the company you are visiting, you will undoubtedly discover unique methods and practices that could encourage you to improve your own management and production processes, increase your profitability, grow and develop new markets.

Take advantage of experienced entrepreneurs and cqi’s knowledge to promote business innovation and launch an export initiative!

Participating in an industrial tour with CQI presents many advantages for entrepreneurs. Joining a tour will give you the opportunity to:

  • Exchange with other entrepreneurs and network
  • See innovative production methods and ways of doing things
  • Be inspired and get ideas
  • Get tips and advice
  • Reflect on your own technological innovation practices
  • See the possible improvement paths to generate growth and export

Afin de favoriser les discussions entre entrepreneurs et d’axer les échanges sur les pratiques en entreprise, seuls les participants issus d’entreprises manufacturières sont admis à nos visites. Les consultants et professionnels ne peuvent y participer.

To facilitate discussions between entrepreneurs and to focus on business practices, only participants from manufacturing companies are admitted to our tours. Consultants and professionals cannot participate.
Over the past few years, CQI has taken numerous entrepreneurs to visit innovative and inspiring companies. Here are a few examples of companies we have toured:

  • La Petite Bretonne
  • Jean Coutu
  • BRP
  • Megabrand
  • Kongsberg
  • Wiptec
  • Sobey’s
  • Paccar
  • Autobus Lion
  • Teknion
  • Novatec

Join CQI’s industrial tours and be at the forefront of technological innovations

Participating in an industrial tour with CQI will allow you to take a step back and move above the crowd. This opportunity to observe could be a trigger for innovation in your organization.

At CQI, our experts are on the lookout for the latest trends and technological innovations in the manufacturing sector. Each year, we select innovative and inspiring companies and organize interesting industrial tours focused on technological and business innovation.

Participating in a CQI industrial tour will give you the opportunity to discover cutting-edge business practices and production methods while also gaining first-hand knowledge of the latest technological developments. You will see new technologies, new equipment, new applications and new areas that could be useful to your business. It’s an opportunity to learn about trends and to benchmark yourself as a company and as a leader.

Here’s how the industrial tours go:

Step 1
Transportation and networking

The industrial tours organized by CQI are half-day events. Each guided tour includes bus transportation from Victoriaville or Drummondville. The journey provides a chance to meet with other entrepreneurs and to network while on the bus. It’s a great opportunity to make new business contacts and discuss your projects with members of our team.

Step 2
Welcoming and presentation of the innovative company

Upon arrival, participants are greeted by executives from the host company. In their introductory remarks, they briefly describe the evolution of their company and explain the actions they have taken regarding technological innovations and business innovation, as well as the results obtained. Additional time is also provided for the host managers to answer any questions the participants may have.

Step 3
Factory tour

Following presentations and discussions, participants are taken on a tour of the facilities and the plant. This is an opportunity to learn more about the actions and technological innovations that have been put in place to improve the production chain and the management of the company. The return trip is around lunch time. Lunch boxes are provided on the bus.

Learn from the best in technological innovation by taking a cqi industrial tour

Exporting and selling to new markets requires having the ability to stand out, and to stand out, you must innovate! Innovating and exporting are inextricably linked. Visiting companies that are leaders in innovative practices and technological innovations will inspire you to make improvements at home and begin your international expansion project. CQI can help you implement your export strategy, especially with our Horizon 360 Export Coaching Program.


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