International transport: the importance of understanding your supply chain

Plan your international transport logistics operations


Good logistics management requires that you consider various operations. These operations are the ones that will allow you to get your products to your customers, as per their requirements, and in good condition.

Understanding and mastering the elements that make up your logistics chain is key to success.

CQI can help you with this reflection and with the implementation of good transport logistics essential elements.

Increase your efficiency thanks to good transport logistics

By thinking through every step of your transportation supply chain, you can save costs, increase efficiency and make sure your customs documentation is compliant with regulations.

Take all logistic details into account when shipping your goods

Our international transportation and customs compliance experts can advise and guide you through the process of shipping your goods internationally. Here are the different elements to consider in a transportation logistics process.

Step 1
The type of transportation

There are several types of transportation: land, sea, rail, multimodal, etc. A good transportation choice is the one that provides the best ratio between delivery time, price and the volume of goods to be shipped. Using the services of a freight forwarder can facilitate logistics. The forwarder’s mandate is to act as a liaison between the different carriers, to ensure transport continuity and to carry out the related administrative operations.

Step 2

The packaging used must be adapted to the type of transport chosen to prevent any breakage or deterioration of the goods. It must also meet the country of destination’s requirements. Some types of products such as wood or food products require special packaging. Packaging also has implications in terms of logistics. Information can be included to facilitate handling and customs clearance.

Step 3

As part of the international transportation logistics process, Incoterms should be known. Incoterms provide a set of international rules for interpreting the most used trade terms. These terms define the seller’s and buyer’s obligations in a commercial transaction. They specify both parties’ obligations regarding the delivery of the goods, the allocation of costs and risks related to the goods, and the burden of export and import formalities.

Step 4

Handling is the sum of the actions required to move goods. It refers to the loads that a person must move, either manually or with the help of lifting devices, such as forklifts. Freight handling plays an essential role in transportation logistics management. It is omnipresent, whether it is for loading, transient storage in warehouses, unloading, etc. Special attention must be paid to it.

Step 5

During delivery, goods often need to be stored, especially if multimodal transport is used. Warehousing involves unloading and managing the movement of the goods, and then reloading.

Step 6
Customs clearance

Upon arrival of the goods at the border, the exporter must pay the customs duties and taxes. This requires the exporter to have associated the correct classification number to each product and to have determined the fair market value of the shipment. At this stage, the use of a certified customs broker is mandatory. The broker will clear the goods through customs and forward them to their destination.

Step 7

This step involves transportation and unloading at the final destination. At the time of delivery, it is important to ensure that the agreements provided for by the chosen Incoterm have been respected.

Be familiar with all steps of the transport logistics chain

Transportation logistics is an important part of the export process. Getting your goods to your customers efficiently, in good condition and on time helps avoid disputes and maintain good business relationships. Whether for your transportation logistics or for any other export needs, CQI can help you market your products internationally. Learn more about our Horizon 360TM Export Coaching Program and surround yourself with our experts every step of the way.

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