Accelerator groups: for improved business innovation practices and the implementation of an expansion project

Join one of our Accelerator groups to foster business innovation and structure your export project

Our Accelerator groups are designed to show entrepreneurs what is being done elsewhere. They inspire them to reflect on their own practices and lead them toward the implementation of actions that promote business innovation and growth.?

Moreover, they offer business leaders an opportunity to exchange ideas and learn first-hand by visiting seasoned entrepreneurs who have agreed to open their plants and share their experience. They also offer training on innovation and export topics of interest.

As part of the Accelerator groups, CQI also provides coaching and personalized services to companies. Our goal is to help you put your international expansion project in motion.

Take advantage of experienced entrepreneurs and CQI’s knowledge to foster business innovation and launch an export initiative!

Through its Accelerator groups, CQI seeks to promote exchanges between participants and the leaders of the toured companies while encouraging participants to share experiences on their business innovation practices. These groups are an opportunity to benchmark with other companies. Even if the companies in the group operate in different sectors, many processes are similar. These groups also allow you to compare yourself, to exchange on your respective experiences, to learn from companies with inspiring business models and to set up success factors for your international marketing.


Join an accelerator group and take your company to the world stage

When joining an Accelerator group, you will:

  • Share success stories and learn tips
  • Improve your knowledge and processes
  • Exchange with other entrepreneurs and break the isolation
  • Share ideas on the issues you face and find solutions
  • See how you can increase your profitability, productivity and competitiveness
  • Plan an international expansion project
  • Start implementing your strategy

An Accelerator group is a support program that can last from 6 months to one year. To qualify, your company must be ready to export and have an internal resource to follow up on the project. Here are the different steps:

Step 1
Preparatory phase

The first part of an Accelerator group is the preparatory phase with each participating company. Our experts will meet with you, get to know your company, make an export diagnosis, discuss your objectives and understand your needs in order to provide a personalized support plan.

Step 2

In keeping with your objectives and priorities, our experts will help you implement key actions to promote your international development. We can carry out your market study, develop your export strategy, work on your marketing and Web presence, find trade shows you could attend to make yourself known, prepare your customs documents and much more!

Step 3
Industrial tours

In addition to providing personalized coaching, an Accelerator group is made up of a small number of business leaders – always the same ones to build synergy between them – who meet a few times a year to discuss their issues and challenges and visit innovative companies. Here are some of the companies we have toured in the past few years: Princecraft, Verbom, Posi-Plus, Giguère et Morin, Sixpro, Métallus, Machinex, Victoriaville & Co, BRP and many others!

Step 4

To help you develop your export knowledge, CQI also offers training courses as part of our Accelerator groups, which provide you with concrete and practical information to advance your project. Export process steps, distribution networks, commercialization, customs compliance, international marketing, industrial shows and fairs are well-known topics to our experts.

Step 5
Development and execution of your expansion plan

Our experts will then assist you in implementing an export strategy to help your company diversify its markets and grow. Once we have the marketing plan in hand, we will provide concrete support for your international efforts.?

Be part of an accelerator group and take your business to the next level thanks to business innovation!

When joining an Accelerator group, you will enjoy the many advantages of the business network to which you belong and CQI’s network alike. Company tours will give you the opportunity to learn about innovative business practices, work methods and processes. With the training sessions, you will acquire additional knowledge to improve your practices. Finally, the personalized support offered by CQI’s experts will prepare you for exporting and help you maximize your chances of success in a new international market. Also discover our Horizon 360TM Export Coaching Program.

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