Promotional marketing and sales tools: to be known and to attract your potential customers

Shine on the world stage thanks to sales and promotional marketing tools that stand out!

Promotion and marketing tools are designed to increase your visibility and support your sales. You will reach more potential buyers with concepts that are attractive, original and ideally different from those of your competitors.

Are you entering a market that was previously unknown to you? Have you done a market study? Have you thought about your marketing strategy and your marketing plan? The next step is to develop the tools to convey your offer and your sales proposition. How will you get the word out to your potential customers?

You will also need to think about adapting your marketing tools to your target market. CQI can help you prepare your sales sheets, your website and your promotional documents.

Use product marketing to attract a new international market and boost your sales

Sales and marketing are two fields that should work closely together on an ongoing basis. Take the time to build relationships between your teams, whether they are in-house or from an outside firm. Make sure your marketing tools can support international business development and sales. What are your sales goals for the next year? Which customers do you want to meet? What messages will best explain your corporate brand? Get your teams working in the same direction and on a common schedule. With marketing tools that are adapted to the market and that provide answers to your customers’ questions, you will soon notice the positive results this approach will bring to your expansion project. CQI can help you with this!

Step 1
Adapting your products and promotional tools to the market

Preparing a marketing plan will help you focus your export efforts. You should note however that you will have to adjust your promotion to your new market, since you will be addressing consumers from a different culture than your own. Of course, you can base your promotion on what worked well for you in Québec, but you will have to adjust many important elements to your new market. In other words, your product and your approach to the market will be different from the way you do things in Quebec. You will also need to adapt your product to meet your target market’s needs. Adaptation can be an important part of a company’s marketing strategy if it wants to sell its products in a foreign country.

Step 2
Selecting the most effective means to reach your potential customers

How should you market yourself and what tools should you use? If you want to sell, you must make yourself known to potential buyers. To do so, you need to make yourself visible. There are several ways to do this:

  • Advertising (trade media, print and digital ads)
  • Networking
  • Website and social media
  • Promotional tools (flyers, brochures, business cards)
  • Industrial fairs and trade shows
  • Appointments and visits with potential clients
  • Participation in target market professional and sectoral groups

CQI can help you determine the best ways to achieve your goals. We will help you develop original and effective marketing tools to support your sales force.

Step 3
Developing your promotional tools

Before you start working on your promotional tools, you must have identified the unique selling proposition that sets you apart from your competitors. What will your message be? What elements do you want to put forward? These must resonate with your potential customers, so they remember you and quickly get the information they need about your products or services.

Present your product to your customers in the most original way!

You want to break into a new market? You must study it and discover your target customers’ habits. Their behavior differs from that of your Quebec customers. What packaging will appeal to them? How should you talk to them and through which channel? How does your competition present itself and address them (benchmark)? All this thought, this market study will help you define your image, your brand, your promotions and advertising, as well as the channels to be seen and everything that follows. CQI’s experts are trained to assist you at every step of your export project. Discover our Horizon 360TM Export Coaching Program to structure and carry out your international project!

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