Learn about customs and the regulations that apply to the import and export of goods


Customs presents a complex environment with extensive regulations. Whether you are importing or exporting, the compliance of your declarations to the authorities is essential. This will help you avoid legal sanctions, the blocking your goods at customs and financial losses.

The same applies if customs decides to audit your company. It is very important to be well informed and to make adequate follow-ups. To avoid unpleasant surprises, there are some steps to follow. Doing so will help you comply with regulatory requirements and avoid problems.

Did you know that several goods may require licenses, certificates or inspections? You will need to determine if your goods are subject to any permits, restrictions or regulations. Every entrepreneur must consider the laws and regulations of Canada as well as those of the countries to which they export. There are fine details and various steps to take, not to mention the numerous documents you must obtain and complete.

To avoid having your shipments blocked at the border, it is best to be prepared and well informed. CQI provides you with experienced professionals to assist you. Importing and exporting goods will no longer hold any secrets for you. Get started with CQI!

Be successful by complying with the regulations governing the import and export of goods


When it comes to importing and exporting goods, there is no turning corners. Laws, regulations, documents, taxes and other fees are there to remind you that this field is complex, dry, but necessary for the smooth running of international trade. Being compliant in your declarations to customs and in all the documents provided will help you prevent problems that can be costly in time, energy and money.

Here are some examples of penalties and problems that can occur in the event of non-compliance:

  • Penalties and fines to commercial customers who violate legislation
  • Delayed release
  • Loss of credibility with international partners
  • Possible loss of right of entry

When calling on CQI, you are assured of being accompanied by experts with many years of experience in customs regulations and compliance. Why risk a lot when you have access to a team of experts dedicated to your success in export markets?

Comply with the regulations governing the import and export of goods


Whether you are a beginner or experienced with customs regulations, CQI can provide you with professional business coaching to help you:

  • Determine your product’s tariff classification
  • Apply for a formal tariff classification ruling from customs authorities
  • Determine the applicable tariff treatments
  • Determine what certificates of origin are required
  • Determine if the product is eligible for preferential tariffs (free trade agreements)
  • Validate the certificates of origin for accuracy
  • Determine if your product is subject to specific requirements (permits, inspection, etc.)
  • Determine if your product is subject to anti-dumping or countervailing duties
  • Calculate applicable import duties and taxes
  • Implement an internal traceability system for your customs transactions

For the more experienced, our customs compliance experts can simulate an audit by customs authorities in your company, review your import or export process and recommend corrective actions to ensure the compliance of your transactions.

Step 1
Preparing for importation and exportation

We will come to your place to learn about your needs, see what is being done and determine what corrections need to be made. We will make sure that you have all the required elements and information such as: your company number or an importer/exporter account, your tariff classification numbers (HS code), the country of origin of your goods, etc.

Step 2
Checking the accuracy of your customs documents

Together with your people in charge of logistics and transportation, we will check all your customs documents and make sure they are in order. We will determine what corrections need to be made. We will then confirm the correct customs duties to be paid, the HS codes, the CBSA declaration and other documents required for the import or export of goods.

Step 3
Setting up a filing system

Did you know that, as with your tax papers, you must keep all customs documents in your archives? In fact, you may be audited by the Canada Border Services Agency. In addition to being compliant, your paperwork needs to be filed. All documents related to your imported goods must be kept for six years after the date of import, in paper or electronic format, and for five years in the case of export. We will help you set up an efficient system to easily retrieve your documents and quickly answer any questions that may arise.

Step 4
Using expert follow-up when needed

After our experts have assisted your people, they may continue the coaching, should you have specific questions following our visit to your company. We know that these processes can be arduous and sometimes burdensome for companies that have neither the time nor the resources to devote to them full-time. Therefore, CQI has a bank of hours available to respond to emergencies and requests. Similarly, if you have a new member in your customs team who needs to be trained, CQI is there to provide the necessary coaching to bring the new employee up to speed.

Be well equipped to deal with the many demands associated with the import or export of goods or products


It is always important to keep in mind that you remain responsible for submitting all detailed declaration documents, paying duties and taxes, and making any corrections requested by border services, even if you have dealt with a broker.

CQI’s experts can advise you at any time during your import or export process. Whether it is for the marketing of your products, for your international marketing strategy or for customs compliance, CQI can help you untangle everything and bring you to a safe harbor! Learn more about our Horizon 360TM Export Coaching Program.

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