The abc of exporting sessions: a first step towards your company’s international development

Discover the ins and outs of international marketing with the ABC of Exporting sessions

The experience acquired by CQI’s team of experts over the years has made this training course possible. By combining field experience and academic knowledge, this course is very useful for future exporters.

Exporting is an excellent way for companies to diversify their markets and increase their sales. Moreover, with social media and e-commerce, it is also easier to make sales abroad.

However, an international development process, from market research to customs compliance, requires thought and planning. This training course presents the main steps to starting an export project: export diagnosis, market selection, the different elements of the marketing plan and the financing available.

Get the right tools to start your international expansion project

The ABC of Exporting is designed for entrepreneurs, executives, and sales and marketing managers whose companies want to start exporting or who want to be reminded of the key elements to consider in an export project.

Following the training, participants will be capable of better planning the export steps, of not forgetting important elements, of guiding their team and of advancing their international development.

Please note that CQI is accredited by Emploi Québec under the Act to promote workforce skills development and recognition (1% Act). Accreditation number: 0057567

Learn the key steps to export success

Up to date with the latest business and international development practices, our trainer will give you the inside scoop on the art of exporting your products. This training program consists of four parts.

Step 1
International development of the company

At the beginning, our trainer will lead you to reflect on your reasons for wanting to export. He will also discuss the export diagnosis, to evaluate your export capacity as well as the costs associated with an export project, and your strengths and weaknesses.

Step 2
Market selection and qualification

The second part of the training will deal with the importance of properly analyzing potential markets before entering them. What information do you require to make a sound market choice? Where can you find it?

Step 3
Marketing plan components

The third part will present the elements to be included in an international business development strategy and in a marketing plan, including: in-depth market research, competitive analysis, barriers to entry, product adaptation, customs, marketing and promotion, legal aspects, etc.

Step 4

Finally, we will review the various financing sources available to develop and implement your export strategy. Various levels of government have grants available. CQI also holds agreements with different organizations for project financing.

Treat yourself to on-the-job training with CQI

With this training, which summarizes the steps involved in exporting, you will learn about the tools required to plan your expansion project. Whether you take this training course in a CQI group or privately in your company, either way is excellent to begin your export process! We can then help you design and implement your international development strategy with the help of our Horizon 360TM Export Coaching Program.

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