The marketing plan: a strategic way to get yourself known

Position your product in your target market when preparing your marketing strategy

The marketing plan enables you to analyze your target customers. It outlines the actions you need to take to reach them effectively. It puts forward the means and operations to be carried out in support of sales, according to a determined schedule.

A marketing strategy will help you keep in touch with your current customers. It will also generate interest among your potential customers and develop your brand image. This will give you the tools to position yourself as a leader in your industry.

A well-thought-out marketing plan and strategy will maximize your chances of becoming known.

Have a marketing plan to succesfully carry out your export project

Your marketing plan and strategy are important steps in your export project. CQI’s experts will help you develop your marketing strategy from A to Z. There are numerous benefits to creating a marketing strategy:

  • Having an overview of the situation
  • Understanding your market environment
  • Knowing your industry’s trends and marketing practices in the targeted market
  • Identifying your target clients and your competitors
  • Determine the actions and the means to carry them out effectively
  • Making informed and objective decisions
  • Positioning your brand
  • Maximizing your exposure and promotional investments to achieve your expansion project objectives

CQI can help you create your marketing plan

The marketing plan incorporates the knowledge of the target market, the sales objectives and the company’s resources. It generally includes the following elements:

  • The objectives and desired results
  • Marketing targets
  • The target clientele
  • Competitive analysis
  • Your value proposition
  • Distribution tools and channels
  • Promotional strategies and tools

It also addresses the necessary budgets and the means to achieve the goal

Step 1
Marketing objectives

Our team will first meet with you to understand your business objectives. We will review your business development strategy. We will analyze the marketing actions taken so far and discuss your strengths and weaknesses in achieving them. We will also help you set your marketing objectives which should be clear, realistic, measurable and achievable within a given timeframe.

Step 2
Value proposition and positioning

Next, we will examine your business model and your value proposition. It should outline the promise you make to your customers. “What’s in it for me?” It should be clear and concise. Also, it is important to know where you stand against your competitors. What do you have to offer your customers? What really sets you apart from the competition? CQI will assist you in this reflection to feed your marketing plan and target your strengths.

Step 3
Your target audience profile

To sell your product, you need to know who it is destined for and who you want to reach. Therefore, you will need to identify your target audiences. Surveys, interviews, targeting your competitors’ customers are examples of information that can be used to profile a typical customer. Building a promotional campaign that will precisely target the identified audience requires some thought beforehand.

step 4
The promotional marketing strategy

Your next step will be to identify the promotional channels that are best suited to your objectives and your target audiences and to determine which ones are the most appropriate for you. Within these channels, you will also need to determine the form in which your messages will be transmitted. Here are a few examples of channels that can be part of a promotional marketing strategy:

  • Digital marketing strategy (website, social media, newsletter, blogs, videos, etc.)
  • Attending trade shows and industrial fairs (as an exhibitor or visitor)
  • Participating in prospection and canvassing missions with potential clients (as part of commercial mission organized by partners in the field or by planning your own prospection tour in a specific territory)
  • Promotional tools to support sales (brochures, technical data sheets, product sheets, presentation emails, etc.)
  • Advertising in traditional media and on the Web
  • Public relations activities (by joining industry groups, participating in networking activities, inviting your customers to visit your facilities, etc.)
  • Press relations with the media

Remember: Having a well-designed website will help you be seen abroad. Every company heading towards the international market should have a good social media strategy coupled with concise and relevant product sheets. It should be noted that the budgetary considerations will also influence your promotional marketing actions’ choices. Moreover, a mix of several communication channels is more effective and should be favored. CQI can help you define your promotional marketing strategy.

Kick start your marketing strategy!

The elements you will set out in your marketing strategy will serve as a guide throughout the process of making yourself known in your new export market. It is therefore important to structure this process. The experts at CQI can help you. They will assist you in carrying out your expansion project through our Horizon 360TM Export Coaching Program among other tools.

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