The business plan: an essential tool for structuring your international expansion strategy

Have a business plan drawn up and highlight what sets you apart!


An international business plan enables you to structure your project. It is also a very useful document for presenting your expansion strategy to your team, your partners and your financial institution.

A good business plan is based on an organized analysis of your business model. It relies on actual elements helping you understand your industry’s trends and define your objectives.

CQI offers an innovative approach that will take you out of your comfort zone, allowing you to innovate and stand out. Profit margins are becoming increasingly difficult to maintain as competition becomes fiercer. Your business is unique, and identifying what truly sets you apart and makes you stand out is paramount. This will make you a world-class player.?

The business plan plays a key role in your negotiations

The business plan is a proven negotiation tool when applying for funding or grants. A clear presentation and the demonstration that you have a well-thought-out strategy strengthens confidence and reduces the risk perception among investors.

Your partners will then:

  • Have a better understanding of who you are
  • Feel confident with a company that measures risk and has a long-term vision
  • Know where you are going (what you are doing next and why)
  • Be willing to partner with your company and participate in achieving your goals
  • Have concrete evidence on which to base funding or grants

Rethink your business thanks to an innovative business plan in line with your strategic thinking

Creating your business plan will enable you to:

  • Understand, question and redefine your business model
  • Target what really differentiates you from your competitors
  • Find areas for improvement
  • Correct the weaknesses that were identified
  • Define your commitments and your customer promise
  • Be more efficient by putting your energies in the right place
  • Increase customer satisfaction

Step 1

We will sit down with you and discuss your issues in order to fully understand them. This meeting will provide the foundation for your reflection, which will evolve following our intervention. Part of your strategic team will have to be present to provide us with the necessary information and to start the reflection. Together, we will review the steps involved in developing a business plan. We will discuss your concerns and your realities. We will take the time to get to know your business and your objectives so we can guide you efficiently.

Step 2
Gathering information to fuel your business plan

Our team of experts will gather all available information to help you develop your business plan. We will analyze the market, find out what your current customers’ needs are and profile your competitors. Over the years, we have implemented a proven information research technique that enables us to present a surprisingly detailed overview of your sector.

Step 3
Business model strategic think tank

At this point, our team of experts will provide you with strategic information. This think tank will lead you and your key players to review each step of your business model and to question the way you do things. We will lead you through a thinking process that will take you out of your usual mindset and project you into the future. This exercise also provides you with an outside view of your business to help guide your business plan.

Step 4
Action plan and implementation of the strategic plan

Following this think tank, we will help you carry out your plan and prioritize the actions to be implemented. Our team will prepare an action plan that will enable you to determine the most effective way to reach your objectives.

Take the next step with a well-defined business plan

This business model exercise will provide you with a strategic plan and a clear vision of who you are and which direction you want to take in the coming years. For those who wish to diversify their markets and increase their sales through exporting, it is also the basis for export success. Through our Horizon 360TM Export Coaching Program, CQI can guide you in the development and implementation of a specific international business development strategy. We are experts in qualification and market research, and we can find the best opportunities for you.

You want your business plan to

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